Music review: Simon Harris – “Beats Breaks and Scratches Vol. 10”

Artist: Simon Harris
Genre: Breakbeats/Sample CD
Release Date: 1993
Review by DjBatman
3½ stars out of 4

This disc, or better this series of albums, is specifically designed for dj’s and producers. Simon Harris is a pioneer in the art of djing: his collections of breaks and sound samples still sound exceptional today, years after they came straight out of his sampler. Most of the loops and samples have previously appeared in Harris’ productions (I remember one of the tracks from the present volume – “The Big Bad Apple” – used as a backing track for some Harris-produced hip-hop record) but most of them also aren’t overused, so you can still do something with them. Each track has no bassline or music (apart from some exception, like the above-mentioned track which has a strong rock guitar riff) so you can also use it for live remixing of songs with the same BPM (and of course the BPM for every track is listed on the cover).