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Malicious Chinese hackers want your IMVU account – Read this

I received two different emails from IMVU with the following text:


da IMVU <fraud {at} imvu(.)com>
data giovedì 8 settembre 2011 – 12:50
A: [account name] <--- {at} ---(.)net>
oggetto IMVU: Your account name and password request URL
sensibilità normale
priorità normale

This email is not spam. You are receiving this message because your email address —@—.net belongs to an account on IMVU.

Somebody, hopefully you, requested an avatar name reminder or a new password for the IMVU account with an e-mail address of —@—.net.

The avatar name for this account is: [account name]

If you made this request, and you need your password reset, please go to the following URL to confirm your request and have your password emailed to you:

[address removed]

Note: this URL can only be used to change your password once.

If you are having any difficulty with your password request, please click here.

If you did not request this change, please disregard this message. Your password will not be changed.

If you suspect somebody is trying to harass you or tamper with your account, please reply to this email message to report this attemped account fraud to IMVU. Do not remove any of the original message content in your reply. Only messages regarding account abuse will be handled; all other messages sent to this address will be ignored.

The person requesting this logged-in from the IP address

This documents an attempt from a user in China (in or near the city of Zhongyuan, province of Hainan, according to IP Address Lookup) to obtain access to my own IMVU account.
Not that they would find much inside it, but still they could make both economic damage to some and/or cause trouble impersonating people online.

If you receive anything like this, forward it to fraud {at} imvu(.)com telling them that you never requested any password change, and also go to and immediately change your password.

Weird IMVU Chats #5: A Love Letter for Lady Wallace

This is not a proper chat log, but a message that my friend Lady Wallace (IMVU: LadyWallace) got in her IMVU mailbox.

She entered a room and without a reason was kicked out twice by a person she didn’t know and who was apparently a friend of an IMVU staffer.

The person (avatar name: LeCorpse) who kicked her seemed vaguely envious of her status as a popular music artist in the virtual world, so he kindly emailed her the following love letter (courtesy LadyWallace):

yes. wallace, you are right.. Thank you for showing me the way.. and for allowing me the privilege of seeing exactly how BUTT HURT someone can get when they realize that just because they are friends with people who have more power than them, that doesn’t mean they can ride their coat tails to get what they want ;) get over yourself girl. you aren’t hot shit. you are nothing. you have always been nothing
since I first ever met you and with your “better than thou” attitude, you will always be nothing. nothing more than a little cling on who has to throw big names around to other people, just so she can feel special, feared, appreciated, for having just KNOWN these people. I am curious.. Do you take time to get to know these Dev’s and staff? or do you just befriend them to get ahead on IMVU? I’m guessing you’re so pathetic and unloved RL, that the only way you can get love is by throwing on a mask, and allowing other people to see you for what you aren’t I have no use for your kind.. go rampage elsewhere.

Love is in the air, huh?

It has to be noted that the person this gentleman (?) is referring to, is in her own words “doing very well for myself; I have a 100 acre country estate and 7 cars and unlike him, my entire existence does NOT revolve around IMVU. And the reason for my friendship/liasons with staffers and top developers is purely to promote my music.”

Lady Wallace is a UK based artist who topped the IMVU Music Store charts between 2008 and 2009 and since then remained popular in the virtual world and outside, releasing a digital single and video (Lady Wallace Sings) and later an 8-tracks EP (Music to Watch Avatars By).

(Note: The guy was obviously reported) ;)

Weird IMVU chats #4: The scared n00b.

Guest_iiayookandieeii has joined the chat
Guest_iiayookandieeii: AAAAAAAH
djbatmanRuizN: hi?
Guest_iiayookandieeii: hi bye
djbatmanRuizN: lol
Guest_iiayookandieeii has left the chat

(note: my avatar was dressed in a Batman costume and didn’t say or do anything in particular to scare this person)

Weird IMVU chats #3: John Google’s nephew, in person.

djbatmanRuizN: has joined the chat
Ch1st0pher: hey
Ch1st0pher: wanna make a deal
djbatmanRuizN: hello
djbatmanRuizN: who are you
djbatmanRuizN: and what kind of deal?
Ch1st0pher: I make you famouse and i get paid (credits)
Ch1st0pher: you in
Ch1st0pher: HELLO
djbatmanRuizN: ?
djbatmanRuizN: uhm.
djbatmanRuizN: sorry
Ch1st0pher: you in
djbatmanRuizN: how could you make me “famous” and for what.
djbatmanRuizN: how can I say yes, I have no idea who are you and what the hell are you referring to.
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Ch1st0pher: your a Dj my uncle owns youtube so i cna post one of you mixes and my uncle takes care of every thing
djbatmanRuizN: HELLO
djbatmanRuizN: your uncle owns youtube. wow
Ch1st0pher: yes he does
djbatmanRuizN: you’re Mr.John Google’s nephew?
Ch1st0pher: yes
djbatmanRuizN: and your uncle takes care of what?
djbatmanRuizN : in which way.
djbatmanRuizN: details please, I may be interested (I have music in YouTube).
Ch1st0pher: makikng your mixes a big hit
Ch1st0pher: anyone
djbatmanRuizN: yes but HOW.
djbatmanRuizN: lol
Ch1st0pher: just give me the link of one ill show it to him
Ch1st0pher Whisper: but you gotta give me credits
djbatmanRuizN: in which way.
Ch1st0pher: (15,000)
Ch1st0pher Whisper: huh
djbatmanRuizN: let me figure this correctly.
djbatmanRuizN: I show you a link.
Ch1st0pher: i give it to myu uncle
djbatmanRuizN : You show it to your uncle Mr. John Google, is this the person, right?
Ch1st0pher: he makes it a hit and you get money
djbatmanRuizN: then I send you credits?
Ch1st0pherCh1st0pher Whisper: yes
djbatmanRuizN : are you sure you’re 31 and from the US?
Ch1st0pher Whisper: well you send me the credits now when you give me the link
Ch1st0pher Whisper: yes
djbatmanRuizN: you sound more like 14 and from Philippines.
Ch1st0pher: im a mature 31 year old man
djbatmanRuizN: oh yes I send you 15000 and you make me famous.
Ch1st0pher: jsut that im in a hurry
djbatmanRuizN: and youtube is owned by Mr. John Google.
djbatmanRuizN: amazing.
Ch1st0pher: yes
djbatmanRuizN: if you’re in a hurry you better go then.
djbatmanRuizN : cya.
Ch1st0pher: no
Ch1st0pher: is that i gotta pick up a package out side
Ch1st0pher: thats all
Ch1st0pher: you cna stay
Ch1st0pher: my uncle is right next to me he said Hi,
djbatmanRuizN: hi John.
djbatmanRuizN: I’m blocking and reporting your scammer nephew john
djbatmanRuizN: you both have a nice day.
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Ch1st0pher: why
Ch1st0pher: what did we do

(Note: even before the chat was closed, user was reported and then blocked)

Weird IMVU chats #2: say hi to the young Asian scammer.

(real chat logged July 18, 2010 on IMVU)

Charr11 has joined the chat
djbatmanRuizN: hi?
Charr11: Hi’ There., this is a message from one of the “Affiliate of IMVU for Access Pass (AP) Procuct. For Making IMVU such a Creative,Inspiring and Fun Place to play,Learn and Interact the Reality with the help of “AP Product”. As a sign of our Appreciation to all of you. We’d like to Inform to all of our “IMVU supporter will be given 100,000 worth of Credits as Our Thankful Gift”
Charr11: do you like to claim it now sir?
djbatmanRuizN: uhm.
djbatmanRuizN: there is no such “Affiliate”.
Charr11: what do you mean?
djbatmanRuizN: though if you wanna gift me 100.000 or more you’re welcome.
djbatmanRuizN: also it’s spelled “Product”
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Charr11: its not easy for me to gift you 100,000 Cr
djbatmanRuizN: then why did you say what you just said.
djbatmanRuizN: How are things in China, by the way?
Charr11: im not from china
Charr11: im from philippine
djbatmanRuizN: good. Spelling mistakes sounded very Asian style anyway. Not UK as you claim in your profile.
Charr11: yeah
djbatmanRuizN: So what is your offer, young male scammer in a female avatar?
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Charr11: huh?
Charr11: im not male
djbatmanRuizN: you have 5 seconds to tell me what was the message at the beginning of your stupid chat request.
djbatmanRuizN: 100000 credits. Bah.
djbatmanRuizN: 4
djbatmanRuizN: 3
djbatmanRuizN: 2
djbatmanRuizN: 1
djbatmanRuizN: hmmm.
Charr11: then?
djbatmanRuizN: it’s a timeout.
Charr11: so?
djbatmanRuizN: so?
djbatmanRuizN: it’s me asking “so?” here
djbatmanRuizN: not you
djbatmanRuizN: you haven’t explained what you have to offer.
djbatmanRuizN: learn English before talking shit to other people in here
Charr11 has left the chat
djbatmanRuizN: oh thanks for slapping my avatar. This will be reported.

(later, I flagged this person’s IMVU homepage, which also had badges claiming to be “Staff” and “Moderator”; unsurprisingly, the page had been flagged already).

Weird IMVU chats #1: a newbie and 90 billion credits.

(real chat logged July 9, 2010 on IMVU)

AdamMonsterr123 has joined the chat
AdamMonsterr123: do u hav creadits
djbatmanRuizN: yes, and why.
djbatmanRuizN: are you begging for them?
AdamMonsterr123: how many
djbatmanRuizN: not too many, about 2000 now.
djbatmanRuizN: and no, I am not gifting them to people I don’t know.
AdamMonsterr123: do u want 90 billon
djbatmanRuizN: it’s not possible having “90 billion” in here.
AdamMonsterr123: if u sav them
AdamMonsterr123: i just got on my stuff to day
djbatmanRuizN: English please
djbatmanRuizN: what do you mean.
djbatmanRuizN: trying to promote your objects?
AdamMonsterr123: i got on my account
djbatmanRuizN: you’re a new user?
AdamMonsterr123: yes
djbatmanRuizN: then how can a newbie offer me “90 billion credits”?
djbatmanRuizN: :)
djbatmanRuizN: I’d love to hear that.
AdamMonsterr123: my dad on imvu
djbatmanRuizN: your “dad” on imvu?
djbatmanRuizN: your real life dad
djbatmanRuizN: or some crap you call dad in here?
AdamMonsterr123: yes
djbatmanRuizN: he would send me those?
AdamMonsterr123: yes
djbatmanRuizN: this seems a funny conversation
djbatmanRuizN: ok, let’s see the “90 billion” then we can talk.
djbatmanRuizN: lol.
AdamMonsterr123: i need uur pw i swear to god i want do nun
djbatmanRuizN: LOL
djbatmanRuizN: kid.
djbatmanRuizN: I am 39 years old
djbatmanRuizN: have spent the last 15 years online
djbatmanRuizN: and got my first computer in 1981.
djbatmanRuizN: Do I look so dumb?
AdamMonsterr123: im 40 years old in real life
djbatmanRuizN: oh.
djbatmanRuizN: and this should convince me to give you my password?
AdamMonsterr123 has left the chat quando i mondi (virtuali) muoiono

Scompare il mondo virtuale creato da Will Harvey prima di IMVU. E parallelamente, uno spinoff della stessa società passa in mano a una nota società che lavora per Governo e militari USA


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IMVU: come guadagnare crediti

Non tutti sanno che ci sono alcuni modi per guadagnare “free credits” su IMVU. Questi crediti non sono esattamente identici a quelli acquistabili con carta di credito, Paypal e altri sistemi di pagamento: per esempio non si possono usare per comprare un oggetto come “gift”, ossia un regalo per un altro avatar. E non si possono vendere o trasferire in alcun modo. Continua…