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NowPublic, un rilancio “olimpico”

In concomitanza con gli eventi olimpici di Vancouver, aria di novità per il noto sito di citizen journalism


Italy quake: more strong aftershocks in Abruzzo,perceived in Rome

Central Italy woke up again last night when a strong aftershock was perceived ar 2:52am. According to the first data available, it was reported initially as a 5.7 Richter quake, the USGS reported it as a 5.2 event.
Luckily – again we have perceived it clearly…

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L’Aquila quake: dealing with strong aftershocks up to 5.6 Richter

Hundreds of aftershocks of the violent earthquake that shook central Italy and destroyed half of the city of L’Aquila and many small centres in the province were reported thought last night and all day. April 6th ended up with an aftershock around midnight, while a stronger…

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“State of emergency” in Italy after strong quake in L’Aquila

PM Silvio Berlusconi declared the “State of emergency” this morning, after last night’s strong quake that hit the L’Aquila province, in Abruzzo (central Italy), according to, who was also…

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Lady Wallace Sings – and kills the traditional music industry

A little story about an independent music artist promoting herself on the Internet as an example of new digital distribution channels for music artists and the collapse of the traditional music industry.” Full…

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Cool and Strange People: Bettie Page & Dave Stevens

It was 1981 when (now defunct) independent comic book publisher Pacific Comics asked artist Dave Stevens to do some short stories for them. Stevens had been given complete freedom about that and so he decided to…

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The lioness sleeps tonight: Miriam Makeba 1932-2008

When last october she performed in Kampala, Uganda, somebody said it would have been her last performance: apparently, Miriam “Mama Afrika” Makeba was about to retire. And why not do that in Uganda where…

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Paul Newman dies at 83 – updated

Italian websites and – respectively from noted newspapers Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica – reported today about the death of actor Paul Newman.Repubblica quotes some US…

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MusicBlob » Hey, there’s pirate music in my Qtrax…! A Musicblob exclusive

“The last find about that improbable digital distributor called Qtrax happened here at Musicblob this morning: there’s apparently pirate music in Qtrax (!).”

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“Futurism” fan paints the Trevi Fountain red

Something strange happened today in Rome: the famous Fontana di Trevi suddenly had red water. The media are reporting a story about a man apparently aged 50 throwing a bucket with a red liquid into the fountain…

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MusicBlob » 2007: escape from (music) majors

What’s happening with the “old economy” of major music labels? In the last few weeks apparently everyone from Radiohead to Madonna to Nine Inch Nails seemed in a rush to escape a rapidly declining system;…

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NOAA reports “La Niña” is developing

Hmmm. This doesn’t mean any good for weather forecasts in the next few months… :(
“Scientists with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, in today’s release of its monthly El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)…

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A crowd of 50.000 for Pavarotti’s funeral

A crowd of 50.000 today attended at tenor Luciano Pavarotti’s funeral.
Among them former UN Secretary Kofi Annan, Italian PM Romano Prodi (who made a short speech during the ceremony) and friends and colleagues such as U2’s Bono, Italian popstars Zucchero and Jovanotti;…

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Pavarotti’s funeral will be held today at 3 PM (CET) in Modena

Luciano Pavarotti’s funeral is being held today in the Duomo of Modena at 3 PM (CET). Thousands have visited the cathedral to pay homage to the deceased tenor in the past two days. Yesterday the church was…

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Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti died this morning at 5 AM CET in his home, south of Modena, Italy.
His conditions had worsened in the past two days, and it seemed clear that he was about to die when he received honours…

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