Weird IMVU chats #3: John Google’s nephew, in person.

djbatmanRuizN: has joined the chat
Ch1st0pher: hey
Ch1st0pher: wanna make a deal
djbatmanRuizN: hello
djbatmanRuizN: who are you
djbatmanRuizN: and what kind of deal?
Ch1st0pher: I make you famouse and i get paid (credits)
Ch1st0pher: you in
Ch1st0pher: HELLO
djbatmanRuizN: ?
djbatmanRuizN: uhm.
djbatmanRuizN: sorry
Ch1st0pher: you in
djbatmanRuizN: how could you make me “famous” and for what.
djbatmanRuizN: how can I say yes, I have no idea who are you and what the hell are you referring to.
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Ch1st0pher: your a Dj my uncle owns youtube so i cna post one of you mixes and my uncle takes care of every thing
djbatmanRuizN: HELLO
djbatmanRuizN: your uncle owns youtube. wow
Ch1st0pher: yes he does
djbatmanRuizN: you’re Mr.John Google’s nephew?
Ch1st0pher: yes
djbatmanRuizN: and your uncle takes care of what?
djbatmanRuizN : in which way.
djbatmanRuizN: details please, I may be interested (I have music in YouTube).
Ch1st0pher: makikng your mixes a big hit
Ch1st0pher: anyone
djbatmanRuizN: yes but HOW.
djbatmanRuizN: lol
Ch1st0pher: just give me the link of one ill show it to him
Ch1st0pher Whisper: but you gotta give me credits
djbatmanRuizN: in which way.
Ch1st0pher: (15,000)
Ch1st0pher Whisper: huh
djbatmanRuizN: let me figure this correctly.
djbatmanRuizN: I show you a link.
Ch1st0pher: i give it to myu uncle
djbatmanRuizN : You show it to your uncle Mr. John Google, is this the person, right?
Ch1st0pher: he makes it a hit and you get money
djbatmanRuizN: then I send you credits?
Ch1st0pherCh1st0pher Whisper: yes
djbatmanRuizN : are you sure you’re 31 and from the US?
Ch1st0pher Whisper: well you send me the credits now when you give me the link
Ch1st0pher Whisper: yes
djbatmanRuizN: you sound more like 14 and from Philippines.
Ch1st0pher: im a mature 31 year old man
djbatmanRuizN: oh yes I send you 15000 and you make me famous.
Ch1st0pher: jsut that im in a hurry
djbatmanRuizN: and youtube is owned by Mr. John Google.
djbatmanRuizN: amazing.
Ch1st0pher: yes
djbatmanRuizN: if you’re in a hurry you better go then.
djbatmanRuizN : cya.
Ch1st0pher: no
Ch1st0pher: is that i gotta pick up a package out side
Ch1st0pher: thats all
Ch1st0pher: you cna stay
Ch1st0pher: my uncle is right next to me he said Hi,
djbatmanRuizN: hi John.
djbatmanRuizN: I’m blocking and reporting your scammer nephew john
djbatmanRuizN: you both have a nice day.
djbatmanRuizN: :)
Ch1st0pher: why
Ch1st0pher: what did we do

(Note: even before the chat was closed, user was reported and then blocked)