Weird IMVU Chats #5: A Love Letter for Lady Wallace

This is not a proper chat log, but a message that my friend Lady Wallace (IMVU: LadyWallace) got in her IMVU mailbox.

She entered a room and without a reason was kicked out twice by a person she didn’t know and who was apparently a friend of an IMVU staffer.

The person (avatar name: LeCorpse) who kicked her seemed vaguely envious of her status as a popular music artist in the virtual world, so he kindly emailed her the following love letter (courtesy LadyWallace):

yes. wallace, you are right.. Thank you for showing me the way.. and for allowing me the privilege of seeing exactly how BUTT HURT someone can get when they realize that just because they are friends with people who have more power than them, that doesn’t mean they can ride their coat tails to get what they want ;) get over yourself girl. you aren’t hot shit. you are nothing. you have always been nothing
since I first ever met you and with your “better than thou” attitude, you will always be nothing. nothing more than a little cling on who has to throw big names around to other people, just so she can feel special, feared, appreciated, for having just KNOWN these people. I am curious.. Do you take time to get to know these Dev’s and staff? or do you just befriend them to get ahead on IMVU? I’m guessing you’re so pathetic and unloved RL, that the only way you can get love is by throwing on a mask, and allowing other people to see you for what you aren’t I have no use for your kind.. go rampage elsewhere.

Love is in the air, huh?

It has to be noted that the person this gentleman (?) is referring to, is in her own words “doing very well for myself; I have a 100 acre country estate and 7 cars and unlike him, my entire existence does NOT revolve around IMVU. And the reason for my friendship/liasons with staffers and top developers is purely to promote my music.”

Lady Wallace is a UK based artist who topped the IMVU Music Store charts between 2008 and 2009 and since then remained popular in the virtual world and outside, releasing a digital single and video (Lady Wallace Sings) and later an 8-tracks EP (Music to Watch Avatars By).

(Note: The guy was obviously reported) ;)