Is John Titor an upcoming Disney franchise?

The John Titor hoax is an old story largely known on the Internet: alleged “time traveler” posts crap on the ‘Net, generates a lot of talk among us conspiracy theories lovers ;) and at some point ends up even discussed in kitschy Italian tv program “Voyager”, known for its cleverly staged and enormously enjoyable disinformation features.

I would like to add my 2 cents here and leave speculations to the readers.

Wouldn’t you find slightly suspicious the fact that the lawyer who represents the “Titor family” (provided it even exists) and the John Titor Foundation Inc. (or LLC) is based in Disney-created town Celebration, Florida?

A post on dated October 4, 2004 mentions the following contact details for the guy:

Law Offices of
Lawrence H. Haber, PA
Larry Haber
PO Box 470171
Celebration, FL 34747-0171
407-566-0181 Fax 407-566-0182
larryhaber {at} aol(.)com

According to, The John Titor Foundation is a Limited Liability Company and the site displays the following data:

The John Titor Foundation, L.L.C.
Incorporated by Lawrence H Haber, The John Titor Foundation, L.L.C. is located at 7862 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee, FL 34747.
The John Titor Foundation, L.L.C. was incorporated on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 in the State of FL and is currently active. Lawrence H Haber represents The John Titor Foundation, L.L.C. as their registered agent.
Source: Public Record data – Department of State – Division of Corporations


Note: the Foundation holds copyright for a now deleted book (A Time Traveler’s Tale, still listed and sold as used for outrageous prices on sites like Amazon UK and .com) telling Titor’s story.

Here is the Copyright registration information retrieved from

Type of Work: Text
Registration Number / Date: TXu001126005 / 2003-10-27
Title: A time traveler’s tale : the story of John Titor.
Description: 137 p.
Copyright Claimant: John Titor Foundation, Inc.
Date of Creation: 2001

Interesting that the work was created in 2001, same year as the last Titor posts, though only obtained registration a couple years later.

So – and that was mostly already known – Haber is the Foundation, the Foundation owns the copyright on a book (and thus everything John Titor-related) and Haber happens to be in Celebration.

BUT, nobody seems to have noticed also that Larry Haber worked for the Disney company in the past.
His public LinkedIn profile says:

Director, Business Affairs
Walt Disney World
(Public Company; DIS; Entertainment industry)
July 1995 — August 1999 (4 years 2 months)
Responsible for Business Affairs for all WDW original television programming.

Now. Walt Disney World is not everything Disney, but the guy has connections. Could he possibly stage this John Titor thing (together with a few friends and relatives) to promote a future Disney feature? Might be a stupid question, but not entirely improbable.

Whoever “John Titor” is, all hints point to a clever case of astroturfing.

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