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No Bling-Death-Skulls in 2013, thanks.

I seriously hope that once you all realize that the World is not going to end in December 2012, you all stop wearing skull-bling, skulls on your shirt, jeans, skirt, shoes, hat, bra, panties, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, bracelets, headphones, cats, dogs, cars and toilet paper rolls.

I also seriously hope Bruce Sterling will stop taking and posting pictures of badly printed chinese clothes with rainbow-colored skulls and try to define those as “new aesthetic“.

Thanks everyone.


Umberto I says: your Hipster moustache is so 1879.

I am not fond of Italy’s former royal family, but this is for all those so called hipsters who think their moustache is so cool and fashionable.

You look like a very unfashionable guy who was born in 1844 and was eliminated by an anarchist in 1900.
It’s almost 2013 here.