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Malicious Chinese hackers want your IMVU account – Read this

I received two different emails from IMVU with the following text:


da IMVU <fraud {at} imvu(.)com>
data giovedì 8 settembre 2011 – 12:50
A: [account name] <--- {at} ---(.)net>
oggetto IMVU: Your account name and password request URL
sensibilità normale
priorità normale

This email is not spam. You are receiving this message because your email address —@—.net belongs to an account on IMVU.

Somebody, hopefully you, requested an avatar name reminder or a new password for the IMVU account with an e-mail address of —@—.net.

The avatar name for this account is: [account name]

If you made this request, and you need your password reset, please go to the following URL to confirm your request and have your password emailed to you:

[address removed]

Note: this URL can only be used to change your password once.

If you are having any difficulty with your password request, please click here.

If you did not request this change, please disregard this message. Your password will not be changed.

If you suspect somebody is trying to harass you or tamper with your account, please reply to this email message to report this attemped account fraud to IMVU. Do not remove any of the original message content in your reply. Only messages regarding account abuse will be handled; all other messages sent to this address will be ignored.

The person requesting this logged-in from the IP address

This documents an attempt from a user in China (in or near the city of Zhongyuan, province of Hainan, according to IP Address Lookup) to obtain access to my own IMVU account.
Not that they would find much inside it, but still they could make both economic damage to some and/or cause trouble impersonating people online.

If you receive anything like this, forward it to fraud {at} imvu(.)com telling them that you never requested any password change, and also go to and immediately change your password.